Hydrogen Generators

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Hydrogen generators are great, provided they are built correctly. They are well worth the distress. The deal is this: The are quite a few people in the world who believe that if something can be proven scientifically, it is true. An HHO can be made by running a few positive and negatives plates. It gets just a bit more complicated.

HHO, incidentally, is short for Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen. Or water.(h2o) A molecule of water contains hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio of 2 to 1. An electrical current running through water will break the molecules down. These components can be very flammable.

Connect your hydrogen generators using a vacuum line from the intake on you engine. This will move all the gas produced in the generator into the engine. This is the way to obtain the great mileage you seek. With every hydrogen generator for cars I have built, I have improved on them from time to time. You must construct a generator that will produce a flow of no less than one liter per minute. A greater amount is better. Per minute two liters are used.

However, I believe that a big warning exists. Be sure to maintain an amperage under 30. The current running through the unit is measured in amps. The current that runs through the car is measured in amps even though the system is 12 volts.  Double check all of your connections.

You can find a lot of guides to constructing a hydrogen generators as a DIY project. In order to launch this project, you can find parts from plenty of hardware stores. The price of a great generator can be up to $75.No cost. Making them yourself can be done with just a couple of $20 bills. Most plans will outline where they purchased the components.

Don’t hesitate to build this very helpful tool that gives you better gas mileage.

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